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June 7, 2021
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How to Start an Online Brokerage in 2021

How to Start an Online Brokerage in 2021

As an established technology provider in online trading, over the years we’ve had the opportunity to contribute solutions across markets, jurisdictions, and even individual departments within brokerage firms. The idea has always been to provide technological solutions that optimise how these businesses interact with the outside world, while also optimising inter-departmental coordination. In this way, a brokerage can greatly increase both conversions and retention with the same amount of staff.

We’ve also been in the business of helping entirely new entrants to set up their own brokerage businesses completely from scratch. The insights we’ve gained over the years by working closely with some of the biggest names in trading, have helped us develop what we believe is the most comprehensive turnkey online brokerage solution.


At Panda, we think of our Broker-in-a Box package as the culmination of over a decade’s work in the industry. Our experience in developing solutions for every single need an online brokerage could have, has informed all the products and services that are included in our BiAB solution. Anyone with funding and marketing know-how will find everything they need to grow a world-beating brokerage business from the ground up. The word turnkey gets thrown around a lot, but Panda’s Broker-in-a-Box is truly that.


What’s Included?
Okay, so let’s break this down a little further. On the front end, you get the design, development and deployment of your website at no extra cost, all you have to do is supply your own content. For your traders, you get Panda Web Trader, Panda Mobile Trader (Android & iOS) and our stand-alone PandaTrader application. For your account managers, our solution is complete with a PAMM/MAM managed accounts system.

Bridging the gap between your clients’ front end experience and your company’s own internal systems, we have customised registration forms and a KYC/AML system that matches your company’s regulatory jurisdiction. There’s also a branded client portal where your traders can manage their accounts and interact with your services.

On the back end, let’s start with our flagship Panda CRM. Much more than a standard customer relationship management system, Panda CRM is a complete inter-departmental business intelligence suite with solutions for all departments. From marketing, sales and retention, to back office, compliance and finance, every corner of your business is catered for.

The solution comes out of the box with automated tools for lead and client management, but also for affiliate and IB management, including a customisable rebates system. Back-office and compliance benefit from our AI document verification module that automates much of the client on-boarding process and increases successful document verifications. Funding is made smoother by Panda Multi-Cashier, which allows for integration with multiple PSP’s and alternative payment methods. All these systems and more allow your departments to do their best work and increase performance.

To facilitate communication between departments, the system features a built-in communications module equipped with videoconferencing capabilities. Each role can be defined and provided the appropriate permissions, and with Panda Vault all sensitive client data is encrypted so as to protect your business from data leaks.

Finally, a look at the trading infrastructure. Our Broker-in-a-Box solution features a dedicated risk management suite and liquidity bridge. This allows you to run different business models and connect to multiple liquidity pools. Dealing, compliance and legal all benefit from a built-in reporting module allowing for granular post-mortems of market events and client behaviour, as well as the ability to customise the module’s filtering capabilities. Last, but certainly not least, your risk management teams receive all of our popular MetaTrader plugins at no extra cost, and your developers gain access to Panda’s Developer SDK, allowing them to easily integrate 3rd party solutions without our help.


Value-Added Services
More than just being a technology provider, we also offer a host of value-added services that can make all the difference for a new business. Each client has their own dedicated success manager in charge of managing the delivery and integration of our products in a timely manner.

We provide free hosting for all products, from website to web-based platforms. Training of your staff is also part of the delivery process and available on an ongoing basis, plus there’s even round the clock technical support and monitoring of all your key systems. Beyond all of the above, we’ve developed a network of experts in domains such as regulation, payments and marketing to assist our clients with the growing pains that are a natural part of starting any new business.

We’ve been around long enough to know that it’s a solution that’s every bit as good as it sounds! For more information, or to book a tour, please get in touch with one of our success managers.

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