Lead Nurturing for Brokers – Part 1
January 4, 2021
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February 3, 2021

Lead Nurturing for Brokers – Part 2

Lead Nurturing for Brokers – Part 2

Part 2: A Practical Example to Get You Started
In part one of this series, we looked at some of the theory behind lead nurturing and how it works. In Part 2, we’ll be focusing on some real world examples of what brokers can do to give incoming leads every chance to convert to fully funded clients.

For the purposes of this example, we’ll keep things easy and focus on a simple email-based lead nurturing campaign for incoming website traffic. When you adapt the process for your own purposes, you can add steps of your own and different methods of communication. Now, broadly speaking, there are four different kinds of leads turning up to your online real estate in online trading.

  1. Unregistered leads browsing your website
  2. Registered leads that have yet to provide KYC/AML documents
  3. Registered leads that have provided documents but not deposited
  4. Registered leads that have provided documents and deposited but have yet to repeat the process

Some of your homepage traffic will come in organically, and some through a combination of PPC and display advertising in conjunction with a landing page to capture registrations.


Unregistered lead arrives at homepage.
For unregistered leads, the primary objective is to get an email registration. A great way to achieve this is to give something away for free. An example of this is a free “getting started” ebook that you can offer on your homepage with a pop-up. The ebook should keep things simple and briefly answer the main questions incoming leads are likely to have. You don’t want a dense trading encyclopedia here, just a quick guide that sells your services and keeps the reader’s mind firmly on the next things they have to do in order to be able to trade with you.


Registered lead has yet to provide KYC/AML documents.
For the lead that’s already registered, your focus is on eliciting further details that take them a step closer to being able to legally trade with you. A good way to do this is to give them something useful they can do with the login you just convinced them to make.

One of the friction points in online trading is the number of steps a lead has to go through before they get to feel what trading with you is like. You can address this with registered leads by giving them access to a free demo account, but don’t just tell them about it. Email a link to your web-based platform (no need for downloads and install instructions) with a cool infographic explaining its layout and let them give it a try. Your email can also show them how to open and close a position in demo mode. Once they’ve successfully interacted with your webtrader, you can start trying to elicit the KYL/AML documents and questionnaire answers required for them to be able to trade with real money. This can be done through a combination of pop-ups and email reminders.

Top Tip
The document stage is another point of friction for brokers because it’s long and time-consuming, especially in the stricter regulatory jurisdictions. Make sure you design your forms with as few steps as possible. The more steps, the higher the percentage of leads that will drop off.


Registered lead with documents but no deposit
Your lead nurturing initiatives can really get going when you have a fully registered lead that hasn’t deposited. Here’s where your CRM paired with your website’s analytics, can give you the data required to maintain contact in a more targeted way and address their individual concerns.

This is also where many brokers use sales teams to convert. With access to how many “touches” each lead has had with your website, you can have sales contact only those that have had a certain number of touches, while your marketing department continues their own lead nurturing strategy for the rest via email.

Leads that have browsed your “About” pages should be contacted with an attractive digest-style email with links outlining your company’s commitment to regulation, customer protection, and fair trading practices. This is also where you should link to any CSR activities your staff are involved in, and be sure to include real testimonials from your traders somewhere in the email.

Leads that have spent more time on your platform and product pages should be sent a more promotional digest-style email outlining your brokerage’s multi-asset and multi-platform offering. Use interactive elements that allow them to scroll through asset classes and individual symbols. Where they press in this email will give you further information for subsequent communications. For example, those looking for crypto can be sent content that pertains specifically to the crypto market.


Registered lead with deposit but no repeat
Last, but not least, the repeat deposits. In online trading, a lead shouldn’t be forgotten about after that important first deposit. As they start trading with you, they will generate a wealth of data that can be used to make your communications even more personalised. At this stage, you can use trade data such as assets traded, active times, duration and other position-related data to recommend webinars and other educational content that are more relevant to them.

This is where you let them know that succeeding at trading is a long process and that you intend to support them along the way. You can also make tailored recommendations to help them improve themselves, such as educating traders who blow up due to excessive leverage on the correct use of leverage, or traders who over-trade about the value of using longer time frames.


Final Thoughts
This has been just a brief snapshot of what can be done when you make the most of all the data you have available to you with the right brokerage systems and website analytics in place. As always, for more information on how to implement such strategies, feel free to contact one of our success managers for a more detailed discussion.

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