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Panda Announces Historic Integration with cTrader Platform

cTrader Can Now be Managed Via Panda CRM (brokers) & Panda Client Area (clients).

Haifa, Israel: Panda Trading Systems announces the full integration of Spotware’s market-leading CFD trading platform, cTrader, with Panda’s flagship CRM platform and Client Area. The integration brings together two heavyweights in the online trading segment, with respective pedigrees of providing first-class trading technologies. 

The new partnership leverages the strengths of each company’s most popular products to create a trading experience that’s difficult to match in 2022. Panda CRM remains one of the most popular and powerful business intelligence suites in the industry, and Spotware’s cTrader has long been the platform of choice among discerning traders. The new integration allows cTrader users to manage their trading accounts via Panda’s Client Area. Meanwhile, for the brokers behind the scenes, full functionality is achieved through Panda CRM, including group management, leverage management, funding, bonuses, as well as acomprehensive real-time view of client transactions and positioning

According to Or Gold, Head Of Commercial Operations in Panda Trading Systems, the new integration is a match made in heaven:

“It has been a long time in the making and we’re very excited to finally announce this. Spotware and Panda are two names that everyone in our industry is well aware of. We both enjoy solid reputations in different areas that happen to be a perfect match for each other. I believe this integration will make both of our offerings more appealing than they already are to new and existing brokers. This is because what we’re really talking about here is the most advanced CRM and the most powerful third-party trading platform finally being able to talk to one another. And this is just the beginning, we’ll be working to bring new features to this integration, allowing both brokers and clients to get the very best out of both of these leading trading technologies.”

Panagiotis Charalambous, Spotware’s Head of Community, had the following to add:

“We are delighted with this integration as it brings together two established names that are known for being leaders in their domains. Our cTrader platform is well-respected among the most demanding of traders and Panda’s CRM is evolving at a pace that is impossible to ignore. Bringing these leading pieces of brokerage infrastructure together makes us both stronger, and improves the case for either in my opinion. Panda has demonstrated a “get-it-done” ethos that we at cTrader respect and are very familiar with. Both companies are known for prioritising customisation, so we look forward to continuing to work closely in the future.”

About Panda: 

With over 15 years of experience building brokerage ecosystems and solutions. Panda has developed a reputation both for off-the-shelf turnkey solutions and custom developments. The company’s abiding principle is to create technology tailored to each business’s specific requirements as well as ongoing training and aftermarket support. In recent years, Panda has focused on bringing the latest developments from the A. I space to its CRM in the interests of making brokerage teams smarter and more efficient.

About Spotware: Established in 2010, Spotware is a FinTech firm specialising in complete out-of-the-box platform solutions for the online trading industry as well as complex custom projects for a variety of end clients. Spotware currently possesses over 100 years of combined industry experience among its key staff. The company’s platforms have been proven to convert, retain and increase the lifetime value of clients.

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