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December 3, 2023
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December 19, 2023

Panda IB Portal is Here!

Advanced Partners Management for the Modern Brokerage

Panda CRM is an all-in-one brokerage ecosystem and business intelligence suite. It supports all departments of a modern online brokerage, including Marketing, Sales, Retention, Back-Office, Compliance, and Accounting, while providing C-level staff with comprehensive monitoring and management tools.   

 Panda CRM’s main advantage over the competition has always been the all-inclusive nature of the product, equipping team members from all areas of an organization with the information they need to perform their duties efficiently, while allowing them to effortlessly share data and liaise with other key departments. 

IB & Affiliate Partners Portal  

 This connectivity and seamless flow of relevant information carries on into the design of Panda’s new IB Portal.  

 One of the abiding features of the online FX/CFD industry is just how important IBs and affiliates are to the volumes of brokers. For many financial services firms, the clients brought in by IBs and affiliates actually account for the lion’s share of traded volumes.   

 This is why capable Affiliate/IB departments are so important to brokers, as are the systems that they rely on to manage external partners and provide them the level of service they require to keep referring loyal traders to the broker’s services. 

 To this end, Built-in Multi Level Partner (Affiliate & IB) Management and Rebate System carries on the Panda CRM philosophy of having all customer touchpoints logged, connected, and searchable by relevant parties.  

The key feature of the Partners Portal is its comprehensive logging and connectivity of customer touchpoints.This data empowers brokers to make informed decisions, optimize their partnerships, and maximize their overall business growth.

The dashboard of the IB & Affiliate Partners Portal provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring affiliate activities. Brokers can access detailed reports, performance metrics, and analytics, giving them valuable insights into the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing efforts. They can also generate customized commission structures, track payouts, and effectively communicate with their partners through the portal.

Managing Partners

The main Affiliates section allows team members to add new partners or edit existing affiliate details. From here they can also add comments for other affiliate managers to see, enable the IB portal for IBs, as well as easily assigning a manager to an affiliate or to a group of affiliates. 

 The layout is simple, functional, and intuitive to navigate, in keeping with all other modules of Panda CRM. The main Affiliates section provides affiliate managers with access to general data pertaining to partners, whether currently active or not.  

 Affiliates in the database can be filtered according to four main groups (all affiliates, new/pending affiliates, unassigned affiliates, and unapproved affiliates). Additionally, all records in the database are searchable by name, email, country, language, status, date joined, who they are assigned to, and parent affiliate, making it incredibly easy for team members to quickly pull up the record they require. 

Resource Management

 The resource management section provides access to content, creatives, and all other marketing resources for use by affiliates and IBs is accessible and assignable to particular parties. 

From here localized content, or specific marketing campaigns, offers, and other initiatives can be made available to particular affiliates and/or groups of affiliates.  

This allows for frictionless creation, approval, and deployment of marketing materials on an on-going basis, as well as ensuring that each partner is given access to the campaigns that are most likely to succeed for their region or demographic.  

Payment Management Section  

 The payments section is where all relevant affiliate statuses, balances, earnings, and payments are to be found. This area of the dashboard contains complete and fully searchable records of all transactions related to affiliate/IB payments, allowing for easy and effective affiliate management, and empowering affiliate managers to offer a better and more personalized service to their partners. 

Reporting Section

 The reports section provides users with a complete view of transactions belonging to a specific affiliate or IB.  

 This includes every trade made by a partner’s referrals and sub-affiliates down to a granular level. Affiliate managers have access to each individual trade by transaction number, open time, close time, symbol, volume traded, the marketing plan the affiliate is under, as well as the average rebate generated for the affiliate by the individual trade.  

 This data is invaluable as it provides the affiliate manager with a much more thorough understanding of the kind of business the affiliate is sending to the broker, but it also allows marketing campaigns and other offers to be improved over time to provide higher conversion rates and to generate higher volumes. 

 The reports tab also holds a complete record of all the financial transactions conducted by the affiliate’s referrals, including deposits and withdrawals, amounts, and currency types, as well as the specific account types being used, and a view of all an affiliate’s sub-affiliate accounts. 

Beyond this, the reports tab also offers a detailed breakdown of marketing plans, which are the individual arrangements that are made with each partner. This is because Panda’s Affiliate Dashboard allows for a completely bespoke service, where remuneration schemes can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and managed as such on the platform.  

Settings Section 

Finally, the settings page is where all this customization can take place. It allows affiliate managers to create marketing plans that are tailored for their clients, as well as being able to edit existing ones.  

 A marketing plan can consist of multiple different deals (payment schemes) per affiliate (e.g., CPA, CPL, percentage of spread, volume per lot etc.) with up to 9 different deal types to select from. 

The system also allows for multiple marketing plans per affiliate, allowing your partners to effectively segment their own referrals and construct the best overall remuneration package for them. 

All-New Affiliate and IB Portal 

The wealth of data available to affiliate managers is provided in a much more focused way on the Affiliate Portal, which has been designed specifically for IBs/Affiliates. 

The portal provides them with to-the-second information pertaining to the activities of their referrals that has no lag between it and the information available to affiliate managers. The two systems are interconnected, with the affiliate portal presenting data in a manner that is most useful to affiliates/IBs. 

This includes data such as sign-ups, first-time-deposits, average deposit, earnings, traded volumes, total deposits, total withdrawals, net deposits, as well as statistics by country, daily earnings, and a daily report visualization that provides the affiliate’s overall performance at a glance.

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