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December 19, 2023
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Panda Trading Systems Newsletter. December 2023

Welcome and Happy Holidays! December’s installment of Panda’s newsletter comes with some notable updates that you’ll want to be aware of! As always, we’ll keep things short and sweet so that you quickly absorb everything we’ve been working on.  

In this issue, we’ll be previewing our new Interest Rate Plugin, a new PSP integration, an impressive overhaul of our Partners Portal and some fantastic new updates coming soon to Panda CRM and Panda Webtrader. Read on for more! 

Keep Them Interested

Panda Interest Rate Plugin

Panda’s new Interest Rate Plugin for MetaTrader 4 & 5 is ideal for brokers who want to incentivize clients to hold balances and maintain active trading accounts. 

The plugin serves to enhance the use of trading accounts by making it more attractive in many instances to hold funds there rather than in a bank account! 

The plugin allows clients to earn interest on the balances they keep in their trading accounts on a weekly basis. It also allows brokers to charge a monthly inactivity fee on trading accounts that have not made any real trades in the preceding calendar month.  

This Interest Rate Plugin is a powerful tool for brokers wishing to differentiate themselves and to foster long-term client loyalty by making trading accounts more than just a place to keep inactive balances.   

More Ways to Get Paid 

PSP Integration with 

As part of our on-going commitment to providing our customers with a variety of value-added services, we have integrated our brokerage systems with, allowing our customers to access yet another high-quality payment services provider.  

We regard these integrations as an important part of our overall service, which helps make the running of an CFD/FX brokerage smoother and easier. is a global leader in payment solutions, offering a wide range of services and payment options to both businesses and individuals worldwide.  

The company’s platform is designed to provide a seamless payment experience, with a focus on security, reliability, and ease of use. 

Panda CRM Keeps Pushing It 

New Push Notification Feature – Dropping Soon 

Panda’s new push notification feature allows your brokerage to send push notifications to relevant clients directly from within the CRM without the need to subscribe to any third-party service providers.  

The new feature allows your CS/sales/retention and marketing teams  to send push notifications directly to clients that include a Title, Message, Image, and URL, which opens up a number of exciting messaging and customer segmentation possibilities. 

Furthermore, the feature will be available as an action directly within the Panda CRM workflow module, helping this feature to become integrated in the day-to-day duties of your various teams. 

Partner Better with Panda 

New & Improved Partners Portal 

Panda’s ever popular Partners Portal has undergone some notable updates that we believe make it stand head and shoulders above the rest.  

In this latest iteration the portal has undergone a UI update, making it easier to navigate and quicker to use for your teams.  

This update also adds full mobile support, as well as a resources module that allows marketing materials to be attached, and a comprehensive Marketing Plans section. 

Most importantly, however, this latest update restructures the built-in report tables to add support for multiple levels of introductions. In the current version, your teams can now view 5 levels of introductions as well as all the individual trades made by those clients.  

This affords you much more control over how you track your partners and reward them for generating volumes for your brokerage. 

New Web Trader – Coming Soon 

Last but certainly not least, we’re tremendously excited to soon be unveiling a new development to our Webtrader product.  

This has been one of our most successful and popular products, which has countless brokers taking control over their own platform offerings and standing out from their competitors. 

This latest version of our leading web-based trading platform is certain to turn some heads with some impressive updates that include a new and improved UI, an upgraded method of navigating the platform, Client Area upgrades, and more! 

Stay posted for a more detailed article on these exciting developments in the coming weeks! 

We hope you enjoy the holidays and look forward to working with you in the New Year!

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