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September 30, 2023
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Panda Trading Systems Newsletter. November 2023

Welcome to the new newsletter from Panda!

As part of our commitment to keeping our partners in the loop, we’ve decided to provide you with a regular, easy-to-digest newsletter detailing all the latest developments in Panda’s product line, as well as distilling some of the most recent retail FX trends for you.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep things short and sweet. We’re always respectful of your time, so this newsletter is designed to be scanned through at a glance for you to quickly and easily bring yourself up to speed. Enjoy!

A New World of Charting Possibilities

Introducing Panda New Charts for Web & Mobile

New Charts, our team’s latest in-house development, aims to raise the charting experience Panda offers its mobile clients to a whole new level. You can expect a fully featured, professional charting experience across any and all smart devices, as well as for web-based users. 

We’ve been listening to our clients, and you’ll see this attention to detail in the way New Charts is easy to pick up and intuitive to use, while also being an incredibly powerful charting interface for the most demanding of technicians.

Subtle upgrades include the ability to highlight just up-strokes or down-stokes on candlestick charts, a radically improved way of scrolling through chart histories without ever losing your place (particularly useful when performing historical analysis at shorter timeframes), as well as a much-improved indicator menu.

Improved Customer Service for Web-Based Users

Service Desk Now Available in Panda WebTrader

At Panda, we strive to constantly make the systems you and your traders rely on just that little bit better and more usable. We want to allow your traders to perform all interactions with your brokerage from their preferred platform. 

With this in mind, we have recently added the Service Desk feature to our popular Panda WebTrader platform. Now your web-based users can enjoy a great all-in-one experience with easy access to your customer support teams as well as a full history of their prior interactions from any web-enabled browser.

Service Desk Module

It’s About the Little Things…

Sync Favorites Between Different Platforms and Devices

In previous iterations of our various client-facing platforms, user favorites were managed locally on the device. With this update, all client favorites are now managed at the account level, meaning that regardless of the Panda platform your traders login to, they will have all their favorites displayed exactly as they expect them!

Strategies for Brokerage Competitiveness

How to improve competitiveness when volumes are declining

In an uncertain economic environment, when some of the biggest names in retail FX/CFD trading have recently been reporting drops in year-over-year volumes, the strategies you put in place now can make your business more competitive.

A strategy that some of Panda’s clients have previously employed has been to make client on-boarding as frictionless as possible. If your clients are not currently able to register, get verified, deposit and trade all from within a single user interface, then you are losing potential sign-ups at all times, regardless of the state of the broader retail trading market.

Simplified trading has been another successful retention and LTV strategy that many of Panda’s partners have deployed via our Simplex platform. Simplex helps newcomers get comfortable with the complexity of CFD trading without the use of predatory gamification tactics.

Our Simplex platform reliably gets new registrations trading quicker, and increases the likelihood of them staying around longer. This translates to much more competitive conversion and retention rates, even when your competitors’ volumes are dwindling.

This has been shown to increase user engagement, as well as customer satisfaction. For potential customers, it also significantly increases conversions by reducing drop-offs in the sign-up process. 

SimpleX Platform

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