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August 18, 2021
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PandaTS Adds OneSignal Messaging Capabilities to its Flagship Solution


Panda Trading Systems continues to expand the functionality of its business intelligence suite by integrating OneSignal customer messaging functionality into the system’s already rich feature list.

The new integration leverages OneSignal’s position as a leader in the customer messaging vertical, allowing any broker using Panda solution to integrate a host of new messaging possibilities into their existing marketing efforts.

OneSignal is a comprehensive customer messaging solution with powerful mobile and web push notification features, as well as in-app messaging, email and SMS. It empowers marketing executives to tailor timely messages to customers across a variety of different platforms and devices, even SMS. Beyond this, the company’s messaging service comes with professional A/B testing, analytics, personalisation and segmentation tools, allowing for unique and highly relevant communications with clients.

Or Gold, Head of Commercial Operations at Panda Trading Systems, believes that this particular integration will confer a significant competitive advantage on brokers using Panda products.

“In many ways, the service is ideal for our industry. It allows agile marketing teams to box above their weight category, so to speak. Especially when informed by all the client data that Panda solution makes available, they can now craft the most relevant messages as conversion tools, but also maintain a high level of engagement even after a prospect has signed up. Whether it’s transactional notifications informing clients when certain pre-defined events are triggered, personalised in-app messages, or push notifications directly to their home screens to inform them of upcoming promotions or important updates, we feel this integration allows brokerage teams to get closer to their clients and to offer them a much more personalised form of communication.”

This most recent integration comes after a busy year of upgrades for the company’s CRM, with two AI-based solutions added to the CRM’s core functionality in the last few months alone. These include an automated document verification module in partnership with Google Vision and a smart Next Call suggestion module. Gold sees Panda’s CRM as having reached a level of maturity where the focus is now on adding as much value to the company’s clients as possible by working on new features and integrations that expand what the teams using it can accomplish.

“We feel like we’re breaking away from the pack now. Even on its own, without any of the additions, Panda solution is probably the most sophisticated business intelligence suite in our industry. With the recent upgrades such as the Google Vision document verification module for back-office and compliance, Next Call AI for sales and retention, and the OneSignal integration for marketing, I think we’re now head and shoulders above the rest in terms of features. Also, when you consider how seamlessly this system works with all of our other brokerage ecosystem products, there’s really no competition.”
As to why Panda decided on the OneSignal service for this latest integration, Gold had the following to say.

“We see many parallels between Panda and OneSignal. I think both companies, in their own ways, have managed to differentiate themselves in a large and confusing landscape of competitors. We appreciate the way they’re always iterating to add new functionality, and how their software development kit remains open-source. The company also offers free accounts so that customers can try the service out and get to grips with it before committing. Also, the way the service is built, a single marketing manager can pretty much build an entire customer messaging strategy on their own without having to write a single line of code.”

As for what PandaTS customers can expect next from the company, Gold was careful not to give anything away, simply stating that there are more upgrades and integrations in the pipeline. He was keen to invite everyone to check on updates at the PandaTS site and to join upcoming Expos, where the Panda team will be happy to demonstrate all the solutions they’ve been busy working on.

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