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TipRanks Stock Data, Coming to a Panda Platform Near You!

It’s with pleasure that we announce that PandaTS has joined forces with the good people at TipRanks to bring their highly insightful and actionable stock market research tools to PandaTrader, our flagship trading platform. In marketing, you often hear about matches made in heaven when two businesses enter into a collaboration. However, we’re delighted to share that the TipRanks partnership genuinely ticks all the boxes.

What TipRanks is and What it Does

TipRanks levels the playing field by making institutional-grade research and analysis available to all market participants. They create unique datasets based on big financial data that you can easily incorporate into your stock research, giving you the same research power as the biggest asset managers.

By keeping track of the performance of over 96,000 experts across the spectrum of financial content, including Wall Street analysts, hedge funds, corporate insiders, and financial bloggers, TipRanks brings much needed accountability to the world of online investment advice. The platform publishes the star ranking of these experts based on their track records and shows their performance on a stock-by-stock basis. This encourages transparency in a world where it can often sadly be lacking and empowers retail traders to develop their processes of filtering out the overabundance of financial information they have at their disposal.

As the name suggests, TipRanks presents the stock tips of an entire ecosystem of market participants. It enables users to view and compare the historical performance of each expert, before making an investment decision. Not only does TipRanks’ unique user interface enable traders to quickly gain a sense of the prevailing sentiment around a stock, but it also empowers them to discover new investment ideas by finding out what’s trending in areas they may not be familiar with. What’s more, TipRanks also serves as a one-stop-shop for news, giving users access to all the relevant stories affecting the stocks they trade, without having to navigate to another service.

As part of the collaboration, TipRanks features will be available natively for PandaTrader users directly on the platform. They include Trending Stocks, Analyst Ratings, News & Sentiment, and Insider Activity.

Trending Stocks

The Trending Stocks tab presents stocks that are trending with Wall Street analysts. It includes details such as the number of ratings, market cap, sector. It enables users to easily see how the stocks have been rated, whether they have a Buy, Sell, or Neutral consensus, the average price target, when the ratings were made, as well as the current stock price.

Analyst Ratings

The Analyst Ratings tab provides detailed information about any stock, based on Wall Street analysts’ recommendations. It shows all recent stock ratings including price targets, and upside/downside percentages. The power of this tab is that it provides an analyst rating consensus based on aggregated stock tips. This consensus is presented as a simplified pie chart that shows all analyst ratings – Buy, Sell, or Hold. The tab also provides high, low, and average price targets according to analysts, giving traders actionable insights.

News & Sentiment

The News & Sentiment tab enables users to see an analysis of news sentiment of a stock using a Bullish/ Bearish temperature gauge. Sentiment is informed by tens of thousands of stock stories published on the most reliable financial news sites. It has a media buzz gauge that tracks frequency of news mentions, to see whether it is receiving more or less coverage than usual, and how that compares to the sector. The feature even presents a list of recent headlines, which you can filter by sentiment, so you can read the articles for more context.

Insider Activity

The Insider Activity tab shows all recent insider transactions for a given stock. It presents whether insiders have been buying or selling the stock, as well as who has been trading and how much they have bought or sold. You can distinguish between ‘informative’ transactions that reflect sentiment and ‘uninformative’ that don’t.  This provides a powerful confirmation/disconfirmation tool that can be used in coordination with an existing strategy, or on its own to gain an understanding of what those in the know are doing with their own money.

TipRanks Smart Score

Finally, as part of our collaboration with TipRanks, all PandaTrader users will also gain access to the TipRanks Smart Score. This is data-driven score employs an 8-factor methodology that includes top ranked analyst ratings, whether hedge funds are buying or selling, as well as a host of other technical and fundamental considerations to score each stock on how likely it is to outperform the rest of the market.

A New Era

Here at Panda, we’re delighted about the TipRanks partnership as it further enhances our core platform offering in a manner that makes it one of the most feature-rich trading platforms in the entire business of online trading. Or Gold, head of Commercial Operations and Panda Trading Services, had the following to say about the collaboration between PandaTS and TipRanks:

“Our integration of TipRanks data into our PandaTrader platform comes at a crucial time when interest in stock trading is peaking. We hope this timely addition to our core platform will benefit all the brokers who now have access to this value-added service through us as well as their clients. We feel that we have managed to address the general weakness in stock-related content and analysis in our industry with a single, high-profile integration that now means all users of PandaTader have access to the aggregated wisdom of almost 100,000 analysts. Aside from the power of the analytical tools that will now be available to PandaTrader users, TipRanks enjoys a proven track record of increasing user engagement that can be leveraged to truly bolster any brokerage’s stock trading offering. It really is an unbeatable service for the stock trading segment and we believe both our clients and their own traders will come to love it.”

TipRanks CEO, Uri Gruenbaum added “, “I’m excited to partner with PandaTS to give their users direct access to our simplified research tools. The new features that PandaTS has incorporated onto their platform will enable their users make better, data-driven investment decisions and see the performance track record of Wall Street analysts and corporate insiders. Sometimes it can seem that all an individual needs to become an ‘expert’ is to have an e-mail address, PandaTS users are now in a better position to conduct comprehensive research and filter out bad advice.”

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