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Why Your Brokerage Needs a Unique Mobile Trading App

Why Your Brokerage Needs a Unique Mobile Trading App

In recent years, we’ve witnessed smartphones accounting for the lion’s share of global internet usage. According to Statista, Q1 of 2021 has seen the percentage of mobile device web traffic reaching a record 54.8%. Another interesting fact, again from Statista, is that between 2012 and 2020, worldwide smartphone users have more than tripled, and by 2023 they will have quadrupled!

Most of you in the online trading industry are already well-aware of this trend. However, today it’s about more than just paying lip service to mobile. Over the years, many brokers have tried to get ahead of the smartphone trend by offering the mobile trading apps of their chosen platform providers. This may have been a good early solution, but the game is changing and the importance of having your own unique mobile trading application cannot be overlooked.


Mobile Isn’t an Alternative to Desktop
When we first started discussing the move to mobile ten or so years ago, it was primarily a demographic issue. The kids were all on smartphones, so eventually as they came of age and replaced their parents’ generation as online traders, they would have to be served on their devices of choice.

Today, it’s the entire world that’s on smartphones. We spend more time on them than on any other device. Most new users of the Internet, particularly in the developing world, will completely leapfrog desktop PCs and laptops to move straight to mobile. From a business perspective, these trends reveal that sooner rather than later, your mobile platform will be the single most important part of your offering. If the trends are so abundantly clear, then your mobile application shouldn’t just be an afterthought, it really should be at the front and centre of your efforts.

The only way to achieve this is to ensure that your prospective traders can find you through mobile, register, verify, fund and enjoy a seamless trading experience all without ever having to switch to another device.


Differentiation, differentiation, differentiation
Of course, you can do some of the above simply by offering your platform providers’ off-the-shelf brokerage mobile solution with your logo on it. However, this is far from optimal for a number of reasons.

Whenever a new user downloads your mobile platform, they then have to select your brand name from a long list of other brokers during the setup process. What you’re indirectly communicating to them throughout this process, is that you’re just one of many other online trading venues that are basically offering the same thing.

It’s often astonishing to us just how much online brokers spend on branding, from TV spots to high-profile sponsorships, only to throw it away on little details like this. The point of your branding is to differentiate your business in the minds of prospective clients. When they think of trading, your brand should be one of a select few that come to mind. You undermine those efforts when a central component of your offering is exactly the same as your competitors and when they actually have to see all of those competitors listed before they even start trading with you.


MT4 White Label Mobile Apps from Panda
In order to remedy this situation, Panda has spent years perfecting fully customisable mobile apps based on MT4 and MT5. You get to keep all the great back-end trading systems you’ve already invested in, but can completely tailor the front-end experience of your clients according to your preferences. For us, this is a crucial step to giving brokers back control over how they present themselves to their growing base of smartphone users, without having to invest heavily in building a completely new forex mobile solution from scratch.

Our MT4 white label mobile app integrates seamlessly with your existing offering and internal brokerage systems. It allows you to serve smartphone traders in a more effective and friction-free manner than you already do on desktop. Your traders get to enjoy an upgraded user interface that’s intuitive and ergonomic to use on a touch screen, and you get to differentiate your brand by offering a mobile solution that’s exclusive to your own brand.

Beyond the basics, we also offer a full customisation service for those seeking more ambitious integrations, or for those wishing to add additional non-standard functionalities. The name of the game is to bring a modern mobile user interface that’s unique to you, that makes the most of all the back-end systems you’ve built your business around, while also offering the customizability of a completely new product at an affordable price. We seriously don’t think you should be without it.

For more information on our mobile white label solutions, please contact one of our success managers who will be more than happy to help.

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