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June 16, 2020
July 2020 Financial Outlook
July 2020 Financial Outlook
July 7, 2020

CRM 2.0 – The future of CRM today!

By Thomas  Kareklas | VP Sales

The questions we get asked most often about are:

  1. How can we be more like that automated Brokerage listed on the London Stock Exchange (we all know who we are talking about here)?
  2. What about security? Permissions? Cyber security?  Data Encryption?
  3. Integrations? What else will we need?  Does it have an Affiliates System? Connections to PSPs?How easy & fast is it? How easy is it for our teams to use?

The Panda Trading Systems CRM has always been one of the most sought after systems in the industry. Not only does it already answer all the questions above, the newly released version of the CRM takes the power of Panda CRM to a whole new level!

We are only able to scratch the surface of the capabilities in this article, but we will go into more detail in other articles. With such a wide range of features, it makes sense to to break them down into bite sized portions based on roles and functions, such as Sales, Marketing and Back Office, for example.

On this high level view, let’s look at answering those aforementioned questions – how we have already been addressing them and how the new CRM takes them to a new level.

So, can we be like “that” broker?

The answer to the question is definitely yes, no and it depends. The tools for setting up full automation already existed in the Panda CRM – the new version offers even more automation and even more functions and tasks. 

Setting up Conversion and Retention automated funnels is simple and includes many contact features such as: email, sms, in app messaging and alerts to sales. There are unlimited automated workflows including custom events; for example, you want to send a message to anyone from a certain channel, who has made x deposits, with a balance of y, that has traded z and just logged on to the deposit page – this is easily achieved.

When it comes to task management including auto assignment of leads; you can also set them both manually and automatically based on rules, with the ability to follow up and monitor in order to keep full control.

With the new Panda CRM you can also automate part of your regulatory compliance processes. Together with Google, Panda has been developing major tools. 

One of the biggest challenges is call monitoring, the first system is a Keyword Spotting tool. Calls are automatically transcribed and scanned to identify problematic words, phrases and emotions and alerts the compliance officers. The recordings and transcriptions are highlighted for areas that warrant investigation, saving valuable screening time, and additionally the system provides much greater coverage by screening multiple calls simultaneously.

The second Google project relates to compliance namely “Know Your Customer” (KYC). Documents are securely uploaded to the system and are given an automatic authentication rating – how much the document matches what it pertains to be and the person who owns it – drivers license, passport, utility bill, credit card, etc. For example, a Driver’s License is a genuine license belonging to the person who uploaded it. Not only that, the queue is automatically ranked in terms of urgency – meaning less waiting time for clients too. These rules can automate most of the authentication process making it a faster and far more efficient client experience and overall process.

Back to the question at hand – yes, the systems do cover the technical side and more, but, what our systems cannot do is give you your brand identity, awareness and proposition that should be unique to you. You cannot just copy paste someone else, no matter how successful they are. You can learn and adapt it for your purposes. The main stumbling blocks are usually the human ones. Moving to automation requires commitment and change – this is where the real challenge lies.

Let’s talk security

Security comes in two parts:

  • Who gets access to what information (and when)
  • Protection from external threats

The CRM is based on user profiles – how your teams’ processes work. Who does what based on which permissions they have and their hierarchy. You can determine the information they see and have access to. The CRM protects user data by hiding personal client contact information, for example, when an agent wants to call, they click and are connected without ever seeing the number. Information cannot be copied – neither by exporting or by using screenshots / photographs.

When it comes to external threats, PandaTS has been at the forefront of Cyber Security, and it has been well publicised how our systems protected our clients during the biggest global cyber attacks. More than that, the CRM is feature rich, almost everything is already built-in, bypassing the need to plug in 3rd parties (like an affiliate system, for example). Obviously, the less points of entry the more secure a system is. 

Fast and easy

Setting up a complete brokerage either from scratch or migrating from other technologies is fast and painless. Panda does all the heavy lifting and you can be up and running within days.

The true power of Panda’s CRM is it’s ease of use and access to all the information you need. There is no need to open or switch between multiple screens – as the full client profile right down to their current time and weather is available in single view. Lists can be displayed and filtered in numerous ways, while “My Dashboard” will organize agents by prioritizing clients through real time notifications triggered by client actions, making teams more effective and efficient.

The new CRM gives even more filtering options as well as custom views that can be shared by direct link or publicly (in your team or organization) – leading to better synchronization. 

If you are migrating to Panda with specific needs, in the unlikely event that we do not already have them, we will build them for you . As a SSV (Single Source Vendor) we build everything in house, which means customizations and special builds are always on the menu. 

Bottom line – whether you are the CEO or the receptionist or anyone in between, with a single login our next generation technology, you will get the job done in the most productive, efficient and secure industry ecosystem available today.


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