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June 16, 2020
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Welcome to the Panda Portal

Welcome to the Panda Portal

By Thomas  Kareklas | VP Sales

One of the main values of Panda Trading Technologies is to provide added value to our clients and the industry. Our tagline says it all: We Make Trading Better for Everyone!

With this in mind, we created the Panda Portal – a hub of useful information, news, tips and tools. There is content here for everyone. For Sales, we provide important marketing information, significant events and how to use the information for conversion and retention purposes. For the C suite & management, information on the industry, news you should be aware of, trends from the industry as seen by one of the largest solutions providers in the industry globally. For Marketing, IT and in fact anyone connected to the industry, there is content for you too! 

We will also publish news on product releases, why we created them and how best to use them; and, as well as on new services offered. The information will always be available so that you can always look back on any product or service that you need information on. Our solutions are built with making brokers stronger and more efficient in mind. There are probably a number of features you did not know even existed that could already change your life for the better! 

You will also get access to global financial news headlines from the leading sources in our Twitter feed including: Seeking Alpha, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, BBC Business News, CySec, FCA and many more. You will see it live, as it is released. No need to connect to numerous news feeds – our Twitter feed will do this for you. If you want to suggest another source, we will be happy to hear from you. 

We include easy to digest articles, longer papers, opinions, videos and infographics. Twice a month we can send you highlights directly to your email. Simply subscribe and stay up to date.

Our intentions are only as good as our audience. Ultimately it is you that will decide how effective we are. Feel free to comment or share our features.

Please, send us your suggestions, and if you want to contribute, simply let us know.

Enjoy and welcome to the Panda Portal.

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