July 2020 Financial Outlook
July 2020 Financial Outlook
July 7, 2020
Start Your Own Brokerage: Brokerage Team Breakdown
November 18, 2020

PandaTS Vault Provides Ultimate Security

In February 2020 Finance Magnates reported on how the Panda Trading Systems Cyber Security team discovered major attacks on the Financial Trading Sector. The team at PandaTS found a Trojan horse that was capable of stealing client data and that was being sold on the dark web. One of the main lines of defense for Brokers using PandaTS solutions was the Panda Vault that since then has continued to be developed and improved. With the highly publicized breaches of high-profile Twitter accounts last Month including former President Obama and Bill Gates, Cyber Security once again hit headlines around the world.

Samuel Gutman, CEO of PandaTS said: “The security measures deployed run through the spine of the back-office systems via centralized hierarchy and permissions. Even if someone took a photograph of their screen the personal information of the client is not displayed. Phone calls are initiated at a click of a button, as are emails and text messages.”

The PandaTS Vault encrypts and secures personal, financial and accounting information behind layers of the most up to date encryption and blockchain technologies – meaning that not only is the data secure from theft, but even if data is somehow removed the level of encryption makes it worthless.

“The system is built on a Zero Trust security model meaning that it starts with protecting data from everyone and only then allowing access via layers of access granted rather than working from open data that is restricted by permissions. This ensures the highest levels of security possible.” continued Samuel Gutman, “In the case of Twitter, it looks like there could have been an internal breach, this kind of threat is something that the PandaTS Vault is designed to minimize and something we are constantly working on.

“We have always understood the importance of data security, which is why we developed the Vault and offer it to our clients at no additional cost. Today more than 80% of brokers using Panda Trading Systems are being protected by the Panda Vault.”


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