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September 12, 2020
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Regulation for FX/CFD Brokers, An Up-To-Date Primer.
December 1, 2020

Start Your Own Brokerage: Brokerage Team Breakdown


In Part 1 we explored the complexities related to picking a trading platform for your new brokerage. In this part we’ll explore some of the key departments of a successful online brokerage and how they relate to each other. We briefly covered the other important pieces of technology your new brokerage will need in Part 1. In this article, we’ll go into further detail and show you how each of them connects with the relevant department.



Your dealing department is where your brokerage’s risk is managed and where your clients’ trades are executed. Your dealing staff is responsible for managing your brokerage’s exposure to your traders and/or liquidity providers (depending on what kind of business model you’re running). On the back-end, a suite of management tools and plugins are required by dealers in order to manage spreads and bonuses, route and offset orders, hedge positions, and bridge between your brokerage’s systems and your liquidity providers. The systems your dealers use must be able to generate comprehensive reports of all the trades you have brokered in order to meet your regulatory requirements.


Back Office / Accounting

Back office stands between each incoming client and your dealing desk’s systems. It’s the department that examines each client’s registration form and ensures they have provided all the relevant documents (proof of ID, proof of address) before being allowed to fund their accounts and

trade. This is so that your brokerage is fully compliant with all the relevant KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) regulations in your jurisdiction. Once they have received and approved all the relevant documents, this department is also responsible for ensuring that client deposits and withdrawals are completed in a timely manner.

Back office is heavily reliant on your brokerage’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). Your CRM is the heart of your brokerage. It allows you to track every incoming lead at each stage of the conversion funnel and make a record of every interaction your team has with every client. It will also be able to alert relevant members of staff when a customer’s account requires attention and generate reports for your sales, marketing, compliance and finance departments.



Your compliance department is your brokerage’s legal team. They make sure that everything your business does, from marketing efforts, to client on-boarding and trading activities, are done by book. This ensures that you never fall foul of your regulators and can develop a reputation in the industry as being a reputable brokerage that can be trusted. In order for them to be able to do their job and ensure that your brokerage’s activities are compliant with the regulations in force in your jurisdiction, they need the right data. Your compliance department requires comprehensive reports from both back office and dealing, detailing that each client trading on your platform has provided all the documents required for them to be legally allowed to trade, and that there is a record of each and every transaction that they make.


How PandaTS Can Help

As part of our complete turnkey brokerage solution, we offer all the vital components that your new brokerage will ever need to attract, manage, retain clients, and provide them with an amazing trading experience. The components we offer that relate to the above departments are Panda Quoting Engine (PQE), Panda MT4/MT5/PandaTrader Manager, Panda Client Area and Panda CRM.

Panda Quoting Engine provides your dealing staff and traders with robust, accurate and reliable price feeds on all the assets they want to trade. MT4/MT5/PandaTrader Manager is an advanced management suite that allows your dealing staff to manage risk effectively, whatever platform you have chosen for your traders. With powerful order routing and segmentation tools, as well as the ability to generate comprehensive reports for your compliance department, our management suites ensure that your brokerage is able to easily and efficiently manage risk and meet its regulatory requirements.

Our Panda Client Area gives your clients an easy and intuitive way to manage their accounts. This includes such vital functions as uploading their documents, making deposits and withdrawals, and managing their login credentials. As with all of our products, Panda Client Area integrates seamlessly with other Panda technologies, such as Panda CRM.

Panda CRM allows different departments within your organisation, such as marketing, sales, back office, customer retention and compliance to keep track of your clients and provide them with the kind of service they demand. Panda CRM allows you to map your brokerage’s organisational structure and provide different permissions to relevant departments and members of staff. It also allows you to record every client interaction, tracking their progress through your conversion funnels and generating comprehensive reports detailing departmental performance.

Join us in Part 3, where we’ll be looking specifically at marketing, sales, customer retention, and how important your choice of CRM is to them.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our success managers right away for a more personal tour of what we have to offer.

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