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January 23, 2023
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April 13, 2023

Two Types of Volume Creators Your Brokerage Doesn’t Cater for

If all you offer is full CFD trading, then you’re probably missing out on two types of potential clients who can generate BIG volumes for your business. 

The Complete Beginner

This group has probably never seen a trading platform before outside of TV or the movies. This is also where most of your drop-offs come from.

They sign up because they’re interested in learning to trade. 

Your marketing copy convinced them that it’s easy for them to learn. 

They get overwhelmed by the complexity of the platform, resolve to take some time to learn it, and never do.

The Gamer

This group isn’t really interested in the craft of trading. They’re not really trying to learn about markets. They want action, and they want it now!

Just as with complete beginners, the platforms you offer don’t provide that immediate gamified feedback to keep the gamer coming back. In fact, most of them can’t even tell whether they won or they lost on a traditional platform!

Simplified Trading

Simplex, Panda’s simplified trading product caters to both of these groups by turning the complexities of CFD trading into a type of game. Your clients get full charts and asset lists to trade from, but order opening and closing is radically simplified.

  1. They choose how much they want to risk (auto-stl)
  2. They choose the payout multiplier  (auto-tp)
  3. They press Buy or Sell

It’s as simple as that, with confusing lot sizes and pip values automatically calculated by the system. 

Our brokers are finding Simplex to be a complete game-changer for them.

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