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An Introduction to Panda’s Trading Technology

How We Changed the Game

The Panda Platform Story  

At Panda, we listen to our customers. A regular request we used to receive back when MT4 and MT5 were almost the only options for brokers, was for a way to allow them to stand out, without having to develop an entirely new trading platform from scratch on their own. Some tried to do this, most failed, and the platform problem remained.  

Whether it’s modernized front ends that take advantage of existing MT4/MT5 server infrastructure (as in the case of Panda Web Trader), or entirely new platforms (like Panda CFD), our efforts have always centred around giving our brokers back control, providing a better experience for their customers, and the ability to create a distinct brand identity, allowing them to stand out in a crowded market.  

The last point cannot be overlooked. Brokers in the past often complained about the generic look and feel of the older generation of CFD trading platforms, as well as the process of downloading and installation, that made them look like just another in a long line of brokers, all offering the same thing.  

We Brought Sexy Back  

User experience has always been one of our top priorities, which is why a great deal of thought and care goes into the look and feel of our products. Before the launch of our own line of CFD trading platforms, both traders and brokers were starting to expect user interfaces that were more in keeping with the modern devices traders use to access markets today, rather than old-school desktop PCs.  

Dynamic, web-based, mobile and tablet friendly UIs had become so ubiquitous in other areas that it was only a matter of time before those same user-friendly features became standard in the design of CFD trading platforms. And that’s just what Panda brought to the market. A complete re-imagining of the humble trading interface, optimized for touch screens, loaded with easy-to-use charting features and tools. Dynamic so as to provide the same great trading experience no matter the size of your screen or your preferred orientation.  

Most importantly, Panda brought a touch of pzazz to trading! It’s something you really can’t overlook or underestimate. You want your traders to enjoy the experience of trading with you, and to know that they’re using a premium product, not something that looks and feels like it’s way past its sell-by date.  

An Everything App for Your Brokerage  

Another area of innovation that Panda has been spearheading in the online trading industry, is the idea of a broker’s trading platform itself being the main interface through which the customer does everything and performs all necessary brokerage actions. And when we say everything, we mean everything! From initial registration, KYC/AML, funding, account management and, of course, trading.  

This is something that’s now becoming more or less standard across the industry and Panda has played a big part in making it so. Like the innovations in UI that we discussed above, the concept of an everything app for trading was inspired by the way in which most people interact with their favorite online platforms, be they social media, banking, or chat.  

By providing the user with a single platform/interface on which everything they need to get done can be achieved without ever having to navigate away, you make conversion smoother. You also create certain stickiness dynamics that correspond to increased engagement with the platform itself, which in-turn, translate to higher volumes generated over time. This approach also allows your trading platform to become one of those go-to apps that users keep on their home screens and keep checking in with whenever they have some time to spare.  

More Data, More Insights  

Another beautiful feature of our product suite is that adding a new component allows you to get more out of existing products you may already have! This is because of the way all our individual products, from trading platforms to CRM, have been developed with the ideal brokerage infrastructure in mind.  

So, speaking of CRM, by pairing Panda’s trading platforms with a CRM from Panda, your various teams can benefit from real-time data on everything that’s taking place on the trading platform, which opens up all kinds of communication advantages, productivity gains, and the ability to offer preemptive customer support. And since, as we saw above, Panda’s trading platform includes access to the client portal, funding, account creation, and more, all that client behavior is accessible to the team members who are using Panda CRM.  

Panda CRM comes bundled with advanced AI functionality that, when combined with client behavior data available to the platform, can add a great deal of value to your brokerage teams, whether this be compliance, back office, customer service, or sales and retention.  

Our AI document verification module allows a small team to outcompete a much larger outfit when registrations start flooding in, by intelligently automating certain key areas of the process. Also, our Next Call AI module scans for user activity, providing your CS, sales, and  

retention staff with the most important next call they can possibly make. So, if a customer is stuck on the deposit page, they can receive a timely helping hand to make sure that the deposit goes through and that they can start their trading journey.  

Reliable in Every Market  

Further to the above, Panda’s long-running experience in many areas of the online trading landscape means that we have developed data and liquidity relationships over the years that the users of our software can gain access to as a value-added service.  

In this way, we can provide brokers with access to high quality data feeds on a massive number of individual symbols and across all popular asset classes. In addition to this, we have a diversity of available liquidity providers that can be accessed by your brokerage in a plug-and-play manner that is both cost-effective and quick to deploy.  

And if your brokerage should experience any mishaps in the middle of the night, your assigned PandaTS success manager will be ready and willing to provide support to get things running smoothly again in no time at all.  

Make it Yours  

Over and above all other considerations, Panda has always been about the personal touch. We started out as a custom development house, and we’ve carried this sensibility forward into every product we develop, whether it be a bespoke integration, or an off-the-shelf piece of software. Our brokers benefit from this experience and expertise, so if there’s anything we offer that needs to be tailored to your business, we’re more than happy to make it yours.  

Let’s not forget the recent actions against the MetaTrader line of apps in the Apple ecosystem that have affected a large number of brokers who were reliant exclusively on that particular platform solution. Our make-it-yours approach is the main reason why brokers who updated their platform infrastructure using Panda technology have been completely unaffected by the removal of MT4/MT5 apps from the app store.  

Constantly Growing  

We’re happy to report that the Panda family continues to grow! With over 10 million active traders currently plying their trade on PandaTS trading platforms, and over 5 million downloads of our brokers’ app!

If you’re interested in joining the Panda family, or would like to find out more about all the specific improvements our brokerage technologies can provide your business, please get in touch for a more detailed demonstration.  

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