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PandaTS Turns Sweet 17 This Year!

2023 marks the 17th anniversary of Panda’s establishment. For almost two decades our solutions have been the backbone for many of the leading firms in online trading.  

Whether it be established players or fast-moving start-ups, our technologies have enabled online trading venues to maximize efficiency, improve business intelligence, and maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive space.  

So, join us as we take a walk down memory lane, and celebrate some of the events and notable products that got us here.  

Evolution and Innovation 

Our humble beginnings as a custom development house saw us moving fast and breaking things. In Panda’s youth, our engineers helped the earliest online trading venues to make disparate, non-compatible systems to play nicely with each other.  

This ethos of customization has informed everything we’ve done since. Our product line-up is flexible enough to meet the most demanding of modern brokerage applications out of the box, but we’ve always been more than happy to customize our solutions for those edge cases. 

A consequence of this ethos is the attention to detail and personal touch that Panda has developed a reputation for over the years. Regardless of whether we had a handful of clients or over a thousand on our roster, Panda has always been willing and able to provide aftermarket assistance, helping our clients set up and integrate our software solutions, as well all providing on-going support thereafter.  

We pride ourselves on our service, and our highly experienced success team is attentive and quick to respond to the needs of our partners. By raising the bar in this way, we feel that we’ve helped improve the overall level of service that the industry expects from technology providers today.  

As Panda matured, we also learned to leverage the increasing expertise and growing connections that accrued to our business over time. We were one of the first technology providers to offer access to a host of value-added services that brokers had previously been forced to source individually. From liquidity providers, payment processors and affiliate integrations, to regulatory advisors and call center operations, Panda has evolved to be about relationships, as well as about technology.  

Panda CRM 

The development of Panda’s flagship CRM product was informed by many years spent in the trenches, helping brokers to get the most out of their existing solutions. In the early days, these systems were very rudimentary and required lots of tedious data entry by brokerage teams. 

We created Panda CRM to be a central business intelligence hub for the modern world, where all data pertaining to client actions and interactions is automatically logged and made available to your relevant team members. With Panda CRM, even small brokerage teams can coordinate their activities and serve clients in a highly efficient and scalable way.  

Recently, we’ve also been working to bring A.I technologies to the world of online brokerage, with several new modules designed to handle repetitive tasks that were previously a drain on human resources, as well as optimizing workflow to enhance the productivity of your people. 

Trading Platforms 

Your trading platforms are your most important piece of client-facing tech. At Panda we’re dedicated to helping our brokers fly their own colors, with a line of beautiful, fully customizable platforms designed to help you stand out and to keep converting in a competitive market. 

Whether it be Panda WebTrader, our iOS and Android apps, our fully branded MT4/MT5 client terminal, or our own proprietary Panda CFD platform, brokers are spoilt for choice. Panda’s platform selection allows you to keep your existing server setup while upgrading to a fully branded front end.  

Over the years, Panda has helped the industry be less reliant on individual platform providers and has allowed innovation to take place. Our clients have also found our solutions to be more resilient. When Apple decided to remove MetaQuotes platforms from its App Store, brokers using a branded mobile app from Panda were completely unaffected.  

 Panda SimpleX 

Panda SimpleX was another landmark moment in online trading. Understanding the steep learning curve for trading CFDs and the significant drop-offs that brokers experience when new registrations fail to take the next step, we created a simplified trading platform to help ease beginners in. 

With Simplex, Panda took a revolutionary approach. Rather than dumbing the platform down, we simplified only the areas that beginners struggle with most (order entry, pip calculations, stop-loss/take profit levels) while keeping the rest of the platform as sophisticated and fully functional as you’d expect from a piece of Panda tech. 

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Panda Simplex is proving itself to be a very capable conversion/retention tool, as well as helping increase the lifetime value of brokerage clients.   

Panda Client Area 

The lack of unity between customer touchpoints used to be a persistent pain point in our industry, with clients being forced to register, manage their accounts, and trade on three separate interfaces. We wanted to put an end to this, which is why we developed our own client area that integrates seamlessly with Panda CRM and our various trading platforms. 

This allows your customers to register, get verified, deposit/withdraw, and trade through a single application. It makes for a much more appealing user experience, as well as allowing you to gather a wealth of actionable data in the process.  

Panda Quotes Engine 

A robust and reliable price feed is essential to a broker’s reputation. Not content with the various solutions already on the market, Panda developed its own cutting-edge aggregation algorithms from scratch to ensure that your clients always receive an accurate, spike free feed, even when markets are experiencing high levels of volatility. 

PQE provides price data for thousands of symbols across the asset class spectrum. By aggregating data from multiple trusted venues into a single quote stream, PQE ensures accurate pricing in a variety of market conditions, as well as allowing for customizable parameters such as spreads, sessions, or even the creation of synthetic assets. 

MT4 Manager 

Our MT4 Manager software puts your risk management staff in control. A successful product that has been on the market for many years and as benefitted from a long and thoughtful process of iterative improvement, Panda’s MT4 manager allows you to manage your business’s exposure in real time. 

Offset orders against one another, manage spreads, and easily group different types of traders in order to effectively manage your exposure. Panda’s MT4 manager gives you the tools to Improve your brokerage’s ROI, as well as the ability to easily meet your regulatory requirements with the system’s powerful report generating capabilities. 


As Panda has continued to improve its effectiveness and reach, we have entered into a number of high-profile partnerships. In the summer of 2021 Panda became an official distributor of CBOE Global Markets data, meaning that clients of all brokers using Panda Quotes Engine will also benefit from access to this high-quality market data. 

Later that summer, we also announced an integration with leading messaging platform, OneSignal. The partnership brings OneSignal’s comprehensive client messaging capabilities to the marketing team of any broker using Panda CRM.  

In 2022, we announced a partnership with cTrader, one of the most popular trading platforms in the space. The partnership makes cTrader compatible with both Panda’s CRM and Client Area products, meaning that any brokerage using cTrader as its primary platform can now benefit from our technologies.  

Future Prospects   

Panda is always iterating to improve, and even re-think, our existing line of products. Anyone using our technologies automatically benefits from this extensive work. In the past few years, we’ve been working hard to bring AI and machine learning technologies to the world of online brokerage.  

Thus far, our Panda CRM product has benefitted from the addition of 3 AI modules (Document Verification, Next Call, Call Control) that have radically changed the way that compliance, sales/retention teams, and call center managers perform their duties. 

We intend to continue pursuing this work, leveraging new developments in AI to improve how brokerage teams manage their operations and perform their duties. We believe that there are huge gains to be made in this area, allowing much leaner brokerage teams to potentially compete with the largest players in the industry. 

Beyond this, we intend to stay agile and attentive to the market and to our clients. Some of our best work is done when incorporating feedback from our brokerage partners. We’re eager to continue sharing our work with the industry and we look forward to our 18th birthday next year! 

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